The founders of Latest Movie Jackets came up with the idea of developing a venture that would solely focus on the celebrity movie and TV series jackets, coats, vests & outfits. The idea was created to magnify the latest chic adaptation of outerwear. We offer all sorts of luxury collections of attires as well as implying some level of austerity. From iconic wear to basic everyday outfits, we got it all covered.

Our inspiration is not just limited to the movies & series but we also promote attires influenced by Rappers, singers & Musicians. Our team of high-paced researchers keeps a close eye on the latest events all around the world and keeps the collection in line with them. You will find the best picks from the Met Gala, Red Carpet, Grammys, and many more. The main purpose of replicating such apparel is to give our beloved customers a chance to get the same product at cheaper prices. This helps in promoting fashion for every classification within society. Especially the youngsters adore our core values because they want to stay sassy and trendy.


LMJ does not limit the spectrum of its audience and wants to extend its clientele to a greater level. A significant number of customers are not into the specific genre of movie jackets or coats, so we have faux fur jackets for them. People who are huge fans of racing jackets can also be catered to here. People who opt for much more everyday apparel will find an abundance of great quality products.

Our sassy denim jackets are an all-rounder and are loved by people of all ages. Latest Movie Jackets is a platform where you will find the outfit of your dreams without having the fear of getting baffled in terms of material or design. With approximately 2 million clients just in the USA, we transcend our top-notch quality apparel line to all parts of the globe. LMJ injects the feeling of cultural diversity into its core processes and promotes cruelty-free manufacturing procedures.


Approximately 80% of our customers are in awe of our Cosplay costumes and Halloween outfits. We can create some jaw-dropping looks for you ditto head to toe with the original designs. The promise of magnificent tailoring of the cuts and extravagant design has been kept by LMJ for more than ten years. You can entrust us with the most intricate detailing and our Excellency in drafting will leave you galvanized. Our price cuts are planned according to the convenience of our customers, as serving affordability is our prime concern.

It’s time that you shine with the best range of extraordinary craftsmanship. Explore the world of finesse designing and timeless apparel that can live up to your wardrobe for a long period. We guarantee the authenticity of our clothing line with the top-rated faux fur, lambskin, sheepskin, denim, and fleece material. Save yourself a great deal of expense and time, and leave your fashion woes to us. Enjoy the trendiest apparel.

We are powered by Original Clothing Limited(UK)

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